Episode Fifty Five: Unblocking subconscious and energetic patterns

During this episode, I chat with Solara about her spiritual journey and how she came to do the work she does today. Solara talks about how she has always been a seeker from a young age and a high achiever, doing everything that looked good on paper but inside she felt like something was missing. After a series of events from divorce, surgery and a near-death experience in a short period of time her soul was getting ready for a new path and that’s how her spiritual awakening occurred. It put her on the path of where she is today which lead to working with high-level entrepreneurs who make a difference in the world.

Solara talks about the biggest realisation from her near-death experience how she realised that there was something bigger than her at play. She has never been a religious person but this made her realise that she is such a little piece of what is happening and how to tap into the source of creation, knowledge, love and how it’s always guiding you.

Throughout this episode, we discuss what the 5D (fifth dimension) is and how we live in the third dimension which is characterised by limitation, fear, doubt and anxiety. We discuss what happens in the third dimension because of this and how we keep pushing to try to control and force things. The fifth dimension frequency is about unconditional love, trust, faith, non-judgement, joy, and when you get more into it you can develop telepathic abilities to elevate yourself into the space of abundance, joy and peace. We discuss how to amplify the 5D frequencies by purification of consciousness, dismantling the truth, letting go of the ego and then we can elevate and reprogram our consciousness.

Solara shares common spiritual blocks like Imposter Syndrome and how to move through these to get on the path of abundance and joy. Solara talks about how alignment isn’t always comfortable and why that is a good thing. She talks about how you can’t grow into the person you were meant to be without being uncomfortable along the way to become who you were truly meant to be and the impact you are meant to make.

Listen in to this conversation episode now to begin your journey to unlocking subconscious and energetic patterns. 

About Solara

Solara Amun Ra (formerly known as Raquel Vasallo) is the #1 Best Selling Author of “Spiritual Seductress, The High-Powered Women’s Guide to Devour the World through Spiritual Guidance.” She is the pre-eminent Spiritual Advisor to female Visionaries and Thought Leaders.

Run over by a car in 2008, Solara had a near-death experience that elicited an unprecedented spiritual awakening. She quit her successful career as a NYC architect and embarked on her work as an Elite 5D Spiritual Advisor. She began working with top companies such as Fox Films, Paramount Pictures, Sony, Orange Telecom, McDonalds, helping employees and CEOs radically amplify their creativity, innovation and greater vision. Through that work she found her true calling as an elite mentor to powerhouse visionary women, who are ready to catapult to the next level of success. This time it’s not just about financial success, but radical freedom.

Ten years later, her life shifted again when she became physically and mentally incapacitated due to severe mercury poisoning. Not being able to read or write, Solara started channelling teachings and paintings that became powerful healing and activation portals.

Solara has a priceless gift to rapidly unblock subconscious and energetic patterns. She is a Master Ascension Catalyst and Spiritual DNA Activator for profound fulfilment and radical 5D Bliss living. This opens up the gateway for her multi-million dollar clients to achieve their iconic work in the world.

More info can be found through her website and socials linked below.

What You’ll Learn

Unlocking subconscious and energetic patterns

What the fifth dimension is

How you can access and utilise the 5D frequencies

The common spiritual blocks

How to deprogram a negative pattern

Defining what is your best self and showing up as them

Why alignment isn’t always comfortable

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